What is Web2App and how to use it for my apps.

What is Web2App?

Web2App is a method for promoting mobile applications (Apps) through web advertisements. Users can download the app by clicking on an ad link while browsing a webpage. Unlike direct promotion in app stores, Web2App allows for direct APK downloads, providing a solution for tracking applications not available through Google Play.

Key Points of Web2App

In terms of tracking, traditional app advertisements typically use third-party tools or Facebook SDK, Firebase, etc., for direct tracking. However, Web2App requires reconfiguring tracking technology through web ads.

Note: For most products, Web2App adds an extra conversion step, which may lead to higher user attrition and costs. Web2App is suitable in the following scenarios:

  • Non-App Store Products: Distribute APK files through Web2App.
  • Content-Based Products: Display partial content on the web, then guide users to download the app to view the rest.
  • iOS Data Delays: Use Web2App to address SKAN issues, achieving tracking via probabilistic attribution.
  • E-commerce Products: Allow users to place orders on the web and then download the app to track orders or claim discounts.

Basic Principles of Web2App

Web2App typically relies on third-party analytics tools, integrates SDKs, and connects to Facebook’s Conversion API. Google involves using Pixel and GA4 for parameter transmission. The main process includes:

  • Web Ad Parameters: Collect fbp and fbc parameters from web ads. Using third-party tools like AppsFlyer’s OneLink, incorporate these parameters into the download link to associate with installation information.
  • Installation Tracking: After the user installs the app, third-party APIs retrieve installation information. The fbp and fbc parameters are used to pass conversion information back to Facebook through the Conversion API.

Other platforms use similar principles, transmitting parameters and tracking back to the web server and then to the ad platform. This process is complex, usually requiring over two weeks of research, and may encounter issues like tracking installations but not subsequent events or failing to link installation information with ads.

Current Status of Web2App

Conventional products generally do not need Web2App because the extra step increases costs. Testing shows that Web2App is mainly suitable for resolving Google Play listing issues or products with high review difficulty.

Potential areas include novels, news, comics, etc., where free content is displayed on the web, and users are then guided to download the app to view more. Financial products can complete most processes on the web, leaving only biometric verification and lending in the app, potentially reducing overall costs and expanding traffic space.

For gray area products, Web2App can partially address issues with ad placement but does not fully mitigate review risks. Larger scales may still be detected by ad systems.

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